Get the Service You Need at an Affordable Rate

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If you’ve been in the market for test equipment for rent, you may have found a number of companies offering different instruments at different rates. While it’s tempting to quickly use the cheapest service available to you, it would be wise to compare rates and services you will receive at different prices. Cutting down on expenses doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of service you will get from a provider. 

Choosing the best 
test equipment rental service provider is a wise budget management decision you can make for your company. Protec Equipment Resources offers services for companies with different financial capabilities. What makes us different from other providers is how we make sure our clients are satisfied with our service by providing them with different options they can choose from according to their needs. 

Our inventory optimization service includes a review of your current inventory. We also conduct monitoring and control planning of assets, equipment maintenance and replacement of accessories that are damaged or manuals and software that are lost. Our prime services are for clients who regularly rent, buy or calibrate equipment. With this service, you will experience a dedicated account management service and your reservations will always be prioritized. You may also take advantage of a streamline administration service where you can set purchase order limits, customize invoice schedules and set payment terms.