Get the Metrel 2077 5 kV Insulation Tester from Protec to Test its Capabilities

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Bad transformer, generator and cable insulation can cause severe electrical losses in a power system. If left unrepaired, it can fail and cause unexpected delays. It is advised to regularly check for bad insulators to prevent hassle during operation.

An advanced test instrument used for insulation testing is the Metrel 2077 5 kiloVolt insulation resistance tester. This tester allows you to measure insulation resistances of up to 5 TerraOhms and automatically calculate for PI, DD, DAR and insulation system capacitance. It has an automatic discharge system that removes the residual test voltage on the load after each test. This protects the user from possible electric shocks caused by stored current on capacitive electrical components. It has a variable test voltage output of 250 Volts up to 5000 Volts at 50 Volt steps. It also has a built-in timer that can be set from 1 second up to 90 minutes. These are only some of the features it offers. Rent one today to explore its testing capabilities.