Get the Megger MCT1600 Current Transformer Tester from Protec

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Current transformer testing prevents inaccurate meter readings and losses in the power system. A faulty transformer may sometimes not show symptoms of defects until the problem gets worse and totally fails.

The Megger MCT1600 is a current transformer tester that lets you conduct demagnetization, phase deviation, polarity, saturation, knee point and CT ratio tests. This tool is essential for finding faults in current transformers and allows you to repair it before it gets worse. This saves you money because it costs less to repair than to replace a whole current transformer. It has the ability to plot 10 CT test results which makes it ideal for substation CTs with multi-ratio secondary windings. It has a large back-lit LCD screen for easy reading of results. It also gives you the option to store up to 200 test results in its built-in memory or print it using an external printer. This makes it easy to compare results from different test dates and for future reference.

Protec carries a wide range of Megger test equipment like CT tester, Megger insulation tester, earth tester, secondary injection test set and more. Check our online brochure for more details on available test equipment for rent.