Get the Megger 247001 10A DLRO from Protec

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A Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter is a tool commonly used to test welded joints, terminals, circuit breaker contacts and other electrical components. It is a great tool for determining internal problems like corrosion and weakened connections. 

Metals have a constant resistance per length. Using this information will help you determine if there are any changes in the condition of the components. Rust, moisture and other environmental elements can affect the reading. You should also consider the temperature of the tested part because the resistance changes as the temperature increases. One of the most popular testers used to measure this changes is the Megger 247001 10 ampere MicroOhmeter. This tester features a variable output current of up to 10 amperes which is sufficient for most applications. It has a wide resistance range with high resolution and accuracy. It includes helical hand leads which are matched to the meter to avoid measurement errors.

Keeping a DLRO handy will make routine testing easier. If you are planning to get a Megger DLRO, consider renting one from Protec. Renting is a great way to help you decide if the equipment meet your needs. Contact us for more details on our rental options.