Get the High Voltage PFT-503CM from Protec Today

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Good electrical insulation is very important to avoid unexpected delays and serious injury. The most common test done to detect faults is the AC hipot. In this procedure, a test voltage is applied to the conductor to mimic its operating and overloaded conditions. You must regularly test for signs of degradation to ensure continuous operation.

One of the most reliable pieces of equipment used in testing insulators is the PFT-503CM portable AC high potential tester from High Voltage Inc. It has a variable power output of 0-50 kVac, 1kVA for resistive loads and up to 3 kVA for capacitive loads at 60 mA with less than 5 percent distortion. It has a dual-range kV meter and a triple range current meter for measuring. It also has safety features like self-resetting over current protection, external safety interlock and a zero start safety interlock. This protects you from injury during its operation. This tester is ideal for testing a wide range of electrical components like bushings, automatic circuit reclosers, vacuum switches, capacitors, motor windings and a lot more.

You can rent this AC high potential tester from Protec. We also offer other high voltage test equipment and tools from most major brands. Contact us to learn more about test equipment rental options available for you.