Get the Fluke FOS for Fiber Optic Cable Diagnostics

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Fiber optic cables are fragile installations that require regular maintenance. Since fiber optic cables are expensive, it would be cheaper to spot problems and recondition the line instead. One tool that can help in assessing fiber optic cable reliability is the Fluke FOS.

The Fluke FOS is a fiber optic light source that is used in conjunction with a fiber optic meter like the FOM also from 
Fluke power diagnostics. This test set helps determine if the light pulse deteriorates as it passes through optic fibers. The FOS has an infrared led with a 1300 nanometer wavelength at 200 microWatts output power. It is powered by a 9 Volt alkaline battery that allows it to operate for 18-24 hours depending on usage. With its great features, you might consider getting one as an addition to your fiber optic cable testing equipment. Its compact size and durable construction makes it suitable for rough handling in field applications.

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