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Get the Facts on Relay Test Sets

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Many people looking for a relay test set have no idea exactly what they need, and in any walk of life not knowing can be a huge problem. You could buy things you don’t need, turn a blind eye to vital items or just get so frustrated in the search that you give up.

If you are buying relay test equipment for tasks such as testing batteries or locating faults in gauged cables, then Megger test equipment could be right for you. Protec stocks and supplies companies from coast to coast with Megger relay kits, and we can fulfill your needs at a price that will meet your budget. Megger equipment is also world-renowned for its ability to last for long periods of time without needing special service or repair.

Doble test equipment is heavily used for industrial purposes. The Doble F6150 set is especially popular with clients because all three pieces are combined. The professional-style software helps the end user to diagnose problems and to obtain more accurate test results. The Doble test set is also a common item to have on hand if you plan to conduct simulations for ground faults and electromechanical machines. 

For more information on Megger and Doble test equipment, please contact us directly. We can provide live assistance to help you choose the equipment you need. Users who submit information online through our Protec Insider link will receive up to date information and periodic specials notification as well.