Get the Dranetz PX5 for Power Quality Optimization

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Electrical costs may go up when power quality is bad. Equipment connected to the electrical line may draw current that is more than needed when power distortion is high. Aside from poor efficiency, bad power quality can cause other problems like EMI radiation, erratic operation of motors and high eddy currents in transformers. It is a necessary to condition the power line to prevent these problems. Before conditioning, it is important to analyze the power line distortion first.

Power quality analyzers can help technicians breakdown the various distortion in the power lines like dips, swells, flicker, unbalance and harmonics. The Dranetz PowerXplorer 5 is a reliable tool when it comes to power quality analysis. It has 8 channels and can measure power quality in three phase power systems. It has a high speed 256 samples/cycle sampling rate to ensure accurate measurements. The Dranetz PX5 also has independent current, voltage and cross triggering and detailed even characterization of RMS variations.

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