Get the Doble M5200 Sweep Frequency Analyzer from Protec

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A displaced transformer winding can cause a transformer to fail because of its inability to tolerate electrical stress. This can affect the magnetic flux generated in the core and increase the power losses due to unwanted currents.

A transformer’s windings can be deformed by constant vibration, overloading, short circuits or accidental mechanical damage. This can significantly affect the performance and operating life of a transformer. A sweep frequency response analyzer helps determine the condition of the windings of the transformer and detects hidden faults. It does this by sending an excitatory signal to the transformers windings and comparing the reflected signals to its database of  baseline values. 

One of the best testers is the Doble M5200 sweep frequency response analyzer. It features a wide frequency range of 20 hertz up to 25 Megahertz. Its test probes are manufactured to withstand rough handling. This tester can measure logarithmically spaced frequencies at 1.2 percent intervals. It can also scale frequency measurements. With this feature, you are given accurage results with a dynamic range of 80 dB with± 1 dB accuracy.

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