Get the DET62D Megger Meter for Accurate Ground Resistance Measurements

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When an insulator gets damaged and exposes the conductor, there’s a very high risk of personnel getting electrocuted or even the risk of damage to other equipment. It is important to have a good grounding system because this helps redirect stray currents to the ground. The grounding system also helps direct unwanted electrical noise from the electrical facility.

Megger is one of the leading manufacturers that offers reliable ground testers. One popular model is the DET62D ground resistance meter. This Megger meter allows you to measure earth resistance of up to 2 kΩ using a three-wire technique. It puts out 50 volts peak-to-peak at 1 mA which gives enough power for most applications. You can be confident that the test results will be accurate because it has an input noise suppression system. This rejects unwanted noise picked up by the probes that might affect the resistance readings. This tester also has a bright LCD screen which makes it readable even in poorly lit environments. The 
DET62D has a tough construction and will serve you for many years.

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