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Get the Cable Test Equipment You Need from Protec

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Cable testers help technicians determine if a wire is open, shorted or has the wrong connection. It is often used in power, CATV, telephone and network installations. These tools are very important because they ensure that the cable system is in good condition and helps prevents service interruption.

Cable test equipment is used to certify, verify and qualify new or old cable installations. It is a good idea to invest in tools like multimeters, TDRs and thumpers because they let you address issues immediately while the damage is minimal. However, if financial restriction is a hindrance, you might want to try renting. Test equipment rental companies offer high-end diagnostic tools at affordable rental fees. This is easier on the budget since you don’t have to buy expensive equipment. Also most companies offer great support if ever you have problems during diagnostics or with rented equipment.

If you need to rent test equipment, let Protec Equipment Resources supply you your needs. Our inventory offers an extensive selection of tools which ensures you’ll find the equipment you need. Call us at 1-866-352-5550 today if you have any questions about our tools or service.