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Get the Best Tester by Renting and Comparing Power Quality Analyzers

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There are several power quality analyzers out on the market today. To get the best one, you need to understand what you facility needs. You don’t want to get a tester that has features that you won’t even use. To get the most our of your investment, it is a good idea to compare different products by evaluating them in real life. You can reduce the hassle of buying very expensive equipment and returning it because it doesn’t satisfy your needs by renting.

Maintaining good power quality is very important because it reduces power losses and extends the operating life of your facility. Poor power quality can also cause severe interference to sensitive electronic equipment. You can read some of the articles below to give you an idea about the features of some of the popular testers on the market.

Comprehensive Power Quality Analysis with the Fluke 435 Analyzer talks about the features of the Fluke 435 and where it can be rented for evaluation.

How the Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Analyzer Can Save You Money discusses the Amprobe DM-III and its extended metering functions .

Protec Equipment Resources provides excellent rental service at reasonable costs. Evaluate the tools you need to help you decide on what to get for your system. Contact us if you’d like to request a rental quote.