Get Megger Rental Tools For Insulation Power Factor Testing

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Insulation power factor tests are complicated to conduct but with Megger test equipment, everything becomes more manageable and organized. The Megger DELTA3000 is a one-of-a-kind testing tool that comes loaded with a lot of high-end features like built-in UST and GST test sequences, an HV TTR capacitor, two HV reference capacitors, built-in USB port and USB printer, and is a fully automatic machine.

The Megger DELTA3000 is integrated with the PowerDB software so that there is no need to control or operate the tool with an external computer. Its software configurations are streamlined which make it a great tool to work within actual testing fields. It measures current, power loss, power factor, capacitance, dissipation factor, and voltage. The 
electrical test equipment also converts the current reading to their nearest 2.5KV or 10kV equivalents. It can work effectively even in high-interference zones. In places where other power factor testing tools fall flat, the Megger DELTA3000 continues to deliver excellent results, even in places with an interference as high as 765kV.

The test equipment features a bright, clear VGA screen and can download around 100,000 test results to a computer. All these test reports and results can be stored in XML file formats. The test kit is light weight, which makes it simple to carry. It is capable of getting results fast, anytime, anywhere. It is a popular Megger rental tool that is trusted by many for its accuracy and robustness.