Get HVA30 VLF – Robust and Reliable Electrical Test Equipment

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The HVA30 is one of the most reliable High Voltage Very Low Frequency (VLF) test sets. It is compact, accurate, and comes loaded with high end features which make it stand out from the rest. This power-packed tool from HV Diagnostics is suitable for testing XLPE, PE, EPR and PILC cables, switchgear, rotating machines, transformers, capacitors, insulators, and bushings. This advanced tool is available with electrical test equipment rental companies. You can easily rent this device instead of purchasing and carry out tests at your convenience.

Popular features of the HVA30

  1.      Cable testing – It is a small, light, portable high voltage test tool that follows international testing standards like IEEE 400.2, IEC 60060-3, etc. It is one of the most advanced HV test tools.
  2.      Testing parameters – This electrical test equipment is a fully automated machine that measures capacitance, resistance, peak current, metering voltage, and flashover voltage. It offers a DC proof test for EPR or XLPE cables. The operator can activate both the automatic and manual test modes and run the entire test sequentially.
  3.      Balanced Sinusoidal Waves – It produces balanced Sinusoidal waves that are not affected by load modifications and are rippled across the entire load array. This allows the tool to bypass dangerous DC polarization effects, called the space charge. This is a common problem with ageing cables which creates cable faults when they are exposed to high DC voltages. In this scenario, the actual cable break voltage is recorded and stored. There is also the option of activating the Cable Fault Conditioning mode. This makes it easy to apply fault detection techniques faster and more accurately.
  4.      Three testing output modes – The 3 modes include VLF, Dual Polarity DC, and Sheath or Cable Jacket testing mode. This device can support a huge output load which can go up to 5uF.
  5.      Supplementary power supply integration- The HVA30 can be fully integrated with a supplementary power source when it is not connected to the mains or the mains supply is off. This supplementary source acts as a power back up in the absence of a regular 110V AC from the main power grid.
  6.      Test Data Storage – The HVA30 has a good memory storage space. It can store up to 50 test results at a time and these can be retrieved later. Simply download the data to a PC or external storage device like a USB drive.
  7.      Adjustable testing- The HVA30 is capable of testing 5000 feet of cable at 0.1HZ with a 23kV RMS. The output frequency for the device can be further lessened so that it can test greater capacitors and power loads. For example, at 0.2HZ, the tool can test around 25 thousand feet of cable automatically.
  8.      Display and user interface- The toolkit comes with a large display with a backlight. Test data is displayed simultaneously, as tests are conducted.
  9.      Tool safety features- It is a self-protective device and eliminates the possibilities of short circuits through active arc management. In case there is a dielectric failure, the device does not trip.
  10.   Usage guidelines- The tool becomes easy to use once you follow the menu and navigate accordingly. Ergonomic designs make it user-friendly. It is a perfect piece of tool from HV Diagnostics.

The best part is that this tool is available at a nominal rental rate. Electrical test equipment rental companies provide test equipment where you need it when you need it. You don’t need to provide any servicing for the equipment you rent. You can simply contact a rental company and ask for the equipment when you need it.