Get Current Transformer Testers and Other Test Equipment from Protec

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A poorly maintained current transformer can cause wrong meter readings and significant losses in a power system. Regular testing should be conducted to ensure that the current transformer is in proper working condition.

Here are the tests done to detect faults in a current transformer.

Burden Test
The Burden test is done by measuring the secondary output of the current transformer while it is under load. The load is increased in small increments up to its rated load. A good transformer should keep its secondary output constant. Bad windings and degraded connections can cause it to fluctuate as the load is increased.

Ratio Test
This test measures the current flowing in the primary and secondary windings. The ratio is compared to the manufacturer’s specifications. Differences with the rated ratio determines the percentage of error of the current transformer. A ratio deviation can be caused by magnetized cores, shorted primary or secondary windings. This causes wrong meter readings and inaccurate billing of power consumed. This test allows you to determine if the current transformer will operate within its rating if additional load is added in the future.

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