Get Cable Test Equipment to Save Money on Repair Costs

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Cable insulation degrades during operation because of the stress it gets from voltage spikes, temperature changes, humidity and other elements. You should schedule a regular electrical assessment to ensure that your cable insulation is in good working condition. This will save you from the hassle of unexpected service interruptions and costs on repairs.

When measuring the resistance of cable insulation, it is also important to conduct a time-resistance test like PI or DA. 
Why perform polarization index or dielectric absorption tests on cable insulation? An insulator undergoes internal changes because it charges during a test. A short test will not give enough time for molecular realignment and may give false results. Analysis of the resistance trending will give you ample information about the overall condition of the insulator. Contaminants will allow some current to flow in the insulator and give a flat graph. A good cable insulator on the other hand will give a steady increasing graph as the molecules realign.

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