Get Accurate Power Quality Analyzers from Protec

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Many electrical facilities today are plagued by poor power quality due to the widespread use of non-linear loads like computers and refrigerators. Correcting this can be difficult especially if you aren’t using accurate diagnostic tools.

Poor power quality can be corrected by reducing the use of non-linear loads or by capacitor/inductor compensation. The latter is the only possible solution because many facilities rely on non-linear loads. The amount of compensation is crucial since over or under-compensation can cause harm. 
Power quality analyzers are tools used to measure the amount of power distortion in the power line. There are many test instruments available on the market. Most technicians prefer Fluke or Hioki power quality testers because of their proven track record. These tools are known to be easy to use, reliable and accurate. You also have a wide selection of analyzers to choose from that perfectly suits your needs. They are available in single or multi-phase models and sometimes come with features that make testing faster.

If you need a reliable source of power line testing equipment, you might want to consider renting from Protec. You can rent equipment for a couple of days or even up to several months depending on your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our available rental deals.