Get a Time Domain Reflectometer for Prelocating Cable Problems

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Troubleshooting cable problems especially on long installations can take too much time and effort without the right equipment and technique. Just imagine going through a cable inch by inch that’s several thousands of feet long. To help you locate problems in cables, you should consider using a time domain reflectometer.

A time domain reflectometer is an invaluable tool for finding cable defects. It can find problems as far as 10,000 feet away in a matter of seconds. This device can save you a lot of time and effort in cable troubleshooting. If you are planning to get a TDR for cable diagnostics, you might want to consider one of these testers.

High Voltage TDR 1669

The TDR 1669 can help you spot cable faults as far as 48000 feet. It can be used in conjunction with most arc reflection and impulse generator systems.


  • Dual color LCD screen
  • Offers an option to toggle between Arc Reflection or TDR mode
  • Allows you to capture and freeze the waveform generated when an arc forms on a fault during thumping
  • Choose from distance ranges of 500, 1500, 3000, 6000, 12000, 24000 and 48000 feet
  • Integrated storage memory for saving up to 15 traces
  • Features auto locate and auto range
  • RS232 interface for connecting to a PC
  • Accessories

o   Power cord

o   Manual

o   USB to Serial cable

o   Ground lead

o   Coaxial to coaxial cable

o   Cable for RS232 port

Hipotronics TDR1130A

It features an automatic set-up and a high voltage coupler for interfacing with a cable thumper. It also has an internal memory that lets you store results and retrieve them later for comparison. This devices offers a cost-effective and simple method of finding cable faults.


  • Soft key interface
  • Built-in storage memory for saving 16 traces
  • 7-inch LCD screen
  • Easily integrated with most popular thumpers on the market today
  • Optimal device for cable fault prelocation. Reduce damage to cable and outage time.
  • Serial port for transferring data to a computer for storage or analysis
  • Sampling rate of 100 MHz 
  • 480 VAC input protection
  • Accessories

o   Return cable

o   Interlock key

o   High voltage output cable

o   Power cord

o   Manual

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