Get a TDR from A Test Equipment Rental Company to Test Your Facility’s Cables

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There are times that the conductor in cables get weak points due to mechanical stress or other environmental factors. This can be very difficult to spot because the problems do not show up externally. This can be very dangerous because the weakened spot might get too thin and eventually overheat. 

To help spot problems in cables, technicians use a time domain reflectometer. This tool can accurately spot the exact location of the fault so it can be addressed properly. It works by generating a test pulse and injecting it into the cable. A good cable will have a uniform impedance and will dissipate the pulse at its opposite end. However, defects can change the spot’s impedance and cause some of the signal to be bounced back to the tool. Since electrical impulses travel at a constant speed, the exact location of the problem can be calculated using this information. If you want to try one in your facility, consider renting one from 

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