Get a Relay Test Set from Protec

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When testing relays, it is important that you are using the right test equipment. Using a test set that has insufficient power on a large relay will give you confusing results. If you are unsure on what test instrument to get, it is advised to rent first to experience the features of the product.

Most of the best test sets commonly used are from Megger and Doble. These manufacturers are trusted by technicians because of several years producing reliable electrical test instruments. The F2000 series are the most popular Doble Engineering relay testers. They offer a voltage output of 300VAC and 400VDC which is suitable for most relay systems. They also have a wide current range that makes it ideal for testing relays, transducers and meters. Megger relay test sets offer high test currents with peaks of 1800 Amperes. This high output current is suitable for testing most relays and also circuit breakers. Megger test equipment offers more testing options which makes it ideal for substation and field applications.

Protec offers Megger and Doble test equipment for rent. You can choose from a wide selection of test instruments to suit your needs. Contact us for more information on our rental options and available equipment.