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Fully Analyze Circuit Breakers with the Vanguard CT-8000 S3

Vanguard CT-8000 S3 Digital Circuit Breaker AnalyzerThe Vanguard CT-8000 S3 Digital Circuit Breaker Analyzer can fully analyze a circuit breaker’s performance by measuring the main contact and resistor contact time, stroke, velocity, over-travel, bounce back and contact wipes.

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The Vanguard CT-8000 S3 can perform dynamic-resistance tests using a 200-ampere, built-in, DC power supply. One channel is available for performing a dynamic contact resistance test. The resistance measuring range is from 1 micro-ohm to 1,999 micro-ohms.

The resistance chart can be used to analyze the circuit-breaker contact condition during the CB operation. This important feature can help detect circuit-breaker contact erosion or other contact problems that cannot be detected in static resistance tests. The CT-8000 S3 can also be used as a 200-ampere micro-ohmmeter to test circuit-breaker contact resistance and bus connections, or can be used for other applications where a low-resistance measurement is required.

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