Fuji Portaflow Digital Doppler Flow Meter Just Goes with the Flow

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The Fuji Portaflow X Digital Doppler Flow Meter goes where most would probably shy away from – water supply and sewage treatment, flow meter measurement systems and deionized water for semiconductor applications among other uses. Its main purpose is to measure pipe flow rates to ensure that liquids are running smoothly all from the outside.

This handheld ultrasonic device is portable and lightweight making it easy to handle for travel. Its advanced performance is enhanced by digital signal processing and ease of use. The test meter measures mostly clean liquids with small to moderate aeration rates by comparing the time signal is sent downstream to the time it returns back upstream. The difference between these two times allows the flow meter to convert the measuring information to a total flow rate. 

The added advantage of timely measuring without having to go inside the pipe is revolutionary for the industry and requires no down time to install as well as no worries of possible contamination to water supplies. Techs will love the low maintenance of this device and operationally it operates very smoothly.

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