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For Voltage Transformer Testing Rely on the Megger MRCT from Protec

Megger MRCT Relay and Current Transformer Test SetThe Megger MRCT Relay and Current Transformer Test Set has additional features that allow the tester to be configured to test voltage transformers, measure ratio errors and phase angles as well as the secondary winding resistance of inductive voltage transformers.  

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With the Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformer (CCVT) Testing Option, the MRCT can measure the CCVT ratio and phase error.  It can also be configured to perform the excitation test on current transformers using DC voltage, allowing the testing of knee points on current transformers up to 30 kV.

The MRCT‘s patented simultaneous multi-tap measurements reduce current transformer testing by 20% on multi-tap CTs, and still includes an integrated single-phase relay test system.  

Megger MRCT Relay and Current Transformer Test Set features:

• VT Testing

• CVT Testing up to 256kV

• DC excitation technique for testing CTs with knee points up to 30 kV

• 60ft primary leads and 30 ft secondary leads

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This electrical test equipment is available for rent, lease, or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources. We are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.

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