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For the Most Accurate Capacitance Testing Equipment Rely on Protec

Omicron CP TD1 Capacitance/Dissipation Factor Testing Device (Tan Delta)The purpose of electrical insulation is to store electrical energy when surrounded by an electrostatic field.

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 One way to assess how well insulation is performing is to model the asset with a capacitor and trend the corresponding measured capacitance values with time.

  • Asset’s windings, ground, etc. = electrodes of a capacitor
  • Insulation packed between uniquely energized parts of the asset = dielectric of a capacitor

Capacitance of an insulation system is sensitive to geometric changes in the system and significant changes to the composition of electrical insulating materials, such as:

  • Severe winding distortion where the normal distance between the windings increases or decrease
  • An oil filled bushing develops a leak, notable amounts of oil leaks out or moisture comes in

For the most accurate capacitance testing equipment rely on Protec, where you can always trust that our rental equipment is properly maintained and ready to perform the testing you need where and when you need it.

Omicron CP TD1 Capacitance/Dissipation Factor Testing Device (Tan Delta)
Combined with the Omicron CPC 100, the CP TD1 measures the capacitance and dissipation factor (power factor) with laboratory precision. 

ABB CB-2000 Portable Capacitance Meter
With the CB-2000 large capacitor banks can be measured quickly and easily because no internal disconnections are necessary within the capacitor bank.

Megger CB-100 28V Power Factor Test Set
The CB-100 is a self-contained instrument for the accurate measurement of electrical insulation characteristics. 

Sencore LC53 Capacitance and Inductance Meter
The LC53 (“Z” Meter) checks Out-of-Circuit capacitance and inductance values and capacitor leakage.

This electrical test equipment is available for rent, lease, or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources. We are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.

Protec’s Calibration Lab offers accurate and affordable calibration services for all makes and models of electrical test and measurement equipment. Contact us today for a quote.

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