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For Testing High-Burden Electromechanical Relays – Omicron CMC 356

Omicron_CMC-356Relay test sets are used for all critical operational areas including transmission, distribution and generation. The test simulates different fault conditions and monitors the performance of the protective device under test. In addition to protective relays, relay test sets can be applied to small molded-case circuit breakers and motor overload relays.

The Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set offers the flexibility needed for single phase mode testing up to 1700 VA for electromechanical and earth fault relays that require low current value.

For primary injection testing of current transformers, VTs or primary relays, the Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set is also ideal, and its portably rugged case allows the set to be used in the field without worry of damage by weather or dirt conditions.

Omicron CMC 356 Universal Relay Test Set features:

• Very powerful current sources for testing high-burden electromechanical relays

• High current amplitudes for 5 A relay testing

• High accuracy and versatility for testing static and numerical relays of all types

• Integrated network for testing IEC 61850 IEDs

• Continuous synchronized outputs with CMIRIG-B (e.g. for PMU or MU testing)

• Primary injection capabilities for commissioning tasks

• Test Universe software with unrivaled manual and automated testing functionality

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