For Electrical Test Equipment Rental, Choose Protec

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When it comes to electrical test equipment rental, going to just any company won’t do. Sure, there are plenty of companies out there that rent test equipment, but once you’ve paid for the product, what happens next?

With Protec Equipment Resources, you can count on us to provide the latest 
test and measurement equipment along with people who you can depend on to take care of your needs along the way. Not only do we provide three conveniently located offices in the United States, but we also offer more shipping options and customer support than any other company out there.

We keep a large inventory locally in our offices in Little Ferry, New Jersey; Elk Grove, Illinois and Grand Prairie, Texas so that you’ll save on shipping costs and receive your equipment more quickly. You’ll also enjoy local support from teams nearby so that we can readily assess your needs and any special requirements. Providing support and taking care of your needs is what brings our customers back to us again and again.

Protec maintains a 24 hour live support line so that we can answer your questions immediately – whether for a quote, tech support or more information – our focus is on our customers and offering reliable service when you need it most.