For Effective Power Quality Analysis, Check out the Dranetz PX5

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A power line that is full or parasitic oscillation and distortion can cause serious problems. Aside from increasing the power draw of electrical equipment, poor power quality can seriously damage your electrical equipment. It is important to correct this problem to avoid unnecessary expenditures on repairs and equipment replacement.

To help your diagnose poor power quality, a power quality analyzer is used. This tool measures the amount of distortion and sorts out the types of noise present in the power line. This way, you can calculate for the optimal compensation of the power line to reduce electrical noise. One of the best testers today is the Dranetz PX5. This analyzer allows you to assess power quality in three phase systems accurately. It has eight channels for voltage and current. The analyzer is also much more compact because of the reduction of buttons. The tester’s screen doubles as the control panel, making it lighter and more portable.

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