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For Dielectric Absorption Test Equipment Rely On Protec

The ratio of two time-resistance readings (such as a 60-second reading divided by a 30-second reading) is called a dielectric absorption ratio. It is useful in recording information about insulation. If the ratio is a 10-minute reading divided by a 1-minute reading, the value is called the polarization index.

With hand-cranked instruments, it is easier to run the test for only 60 seconds, taking the first reading at 30 seconds. When using line-operated instrument, you will get best results by running the test 10 minutes, taking readings at 1- and at 10-minutes, to get the polarization index.



AEMC 1026 Digital Megohmmeter

The 1026 Digital Megohmmeter is a compact, lightweight, battery-operated , hand-held meter. It provides four functional tests, and is a megohmmeter, DC voltmeter, AC voltmeter, ohmmeter and a continuity tester.




Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Analyzer with 3000A Current Probes

The DM-III Power Quality Analyzer with 3000A Current Probes provide the essential functions and capabilities required to operate accurately and effectively in today’s demanding electrical environments.




Megger 210415 15kV Analog Megohmeter

The 210415 15kV Analog Megohmeter is an analog meter that measures insulation resistance to help reduce shock hazards and downtime on electrical systems that include wires, cables, transformers, and electrical motors.



Megger MIT525 5-kV Insulation Resistance Tester

Offering CAT IV, the MIT525 is compact, light 5 kV insulation resistance tester for the diagnostic testing and maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment. 



Megger MIT1025 10-kV Insulation Resistance Tester

The MIT1025 Insulation Resistance Tester measures insulation resistance, voltage, current, and capacitance in high-voltage electrical systems. 


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