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For Accurate Low Resistance Measuremts Rent the AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter from Protec Today

AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter The AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter is used to perform low resistance measurements from 0.1μΩ to 2500Ω.

The front end of the AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter employs a four-wire Kelvin configuration, which eliminates test lead resistance for a measurement accuracy of 0.05%, and a built-in circuit filters out AC signals.

The large, easy-to-read liquid crystal display is 2.25 x 4.00″ and shows the value of resistance, metal type, reference and ambient temperatures, alarm conditions, test current and range and test mode.

AEMC 6250 Micro-Ohmmeter features:

• Measures from 0.1μΩ to 2500Ω
• Test current selection from 1mA to 10A
• RTD temperature measurement (optional)
• Automatic or manual temperature compensation
• Two programmable alarms with high or low triggering
• Stores up to 1500 test results
• Selectable Inductive or Resistive test modes
• Operator safety by automatic discharge of residual charge on the equipment under test
• Instantaneous, continuous or multiple test operation
• Selectable metal type (Copper, Aluminum or other) for temperature compensation
• 4-Wire measurement with automatic compensation of undesirable voltages and lead resistance
• Direct display of the measurement with its units, range, measurement mode and, if activated, temperature compensation.
• Measurement can be initiated from the front panel or remotely through the 9-pin communication port

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