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Fluke Power Quality Tools

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Why is a power quality tool used?

Power quality tools such as power analyzers are used to measure power quality. It is an indicator of how efficiently a system can support the reliable working of its loads. A power event or disturbance may involve frequency, current or voltage. These power disturbances can occur in consumer loads, consumer power systems, or in the utility department.

Power Disturbance – What is it?

Power disturbances can be explained in terms of duration and magnitude. These could be transients that could last for mere microseconds to outages that span hours. Power disturbances may prove fatal for electrical equipment as a disturbance beyond the operating limits may damage or disrupt the equipment forever.

Why do you need to monitor power quality?

Poor power quality may cause significant damage. Power disturbances can interrupt the functioning of your business, resulting in huge losses due to delayed production. Moreover, power interruptions can cause serious damage to a product that is yet being produced and increase expenditure. The energy cost is also another factor that results due to low power quality. Yu may get penalized by electric utilities for high peak demands or low power factors.

Power quality equipment from Fluke

Fluke understands your needs and offers a huge range of power quality tools through which you can monitor power disturbances and increase the efficiency of your utility. These are:

  •        Fluke Power Quality Analyzers: These can be effectively used to troubleshoot, maintain and record as well as analyze power vents or disturbances in industrial utilities and applications.
  •        Fluke Power Quality Troubleshooters:  Fluke offers a selection of power quality and dedicated power clamp meters that are essential for troubleshooting power quality events.
  •        Fluke Power Quality Loggers: These can characterize power quality and conduct load studies.
  •        Fluke Power Quality Recorders: You can record details of power events and disturbances with these recorders for analysis and testing.

Get this electrical test equipment!

Most of these Fluke Instruments are expensive and it is not practicable to buy them without being sure of their performance and efficacy. This is where our electrical test equipment rental service comes in. You can easily rent these Fluke power quality tools from Protec Equipment Services and check out their competence. If you find them satisfactory, we’d be eager to take your order and you can buy them from us too. We provide comprehensive solution to all your requirements related to the rental, lease, or retail of electrical test equipment.