Fluke Power Quality Tools Can Escalate Your Profits

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Power quality monitoring is very important, as poor quality of power can have devastating effects on your business like increased production costs and penalties charged by electric utilities on high peak demands/ poor power factors etc. Fluke power quality tools are very useful in detecting hidden power problems and reducing monetary loss due to poor power factor. The energy efficient solutions by Fluke are quite effective in escalating your revenues.

Fluke offers top-notch service and support to its customers and for getting your Fluke 
electrical test equipment calibrated, you may visit the nearest authorized service centre of the company, or you may contact us at 1-866-352-5550 or 972.352.5550.

In addition to selling equipment, the online accessories store of Protec Equipment Services sells genuine Fluke accessories which are as rugged and durable. You should purchase only genuine accessories in order to enhance the life of your electrical test equipment.

Fluke 1750 is an amazing product with intuitive software that captures every power parameter and event. It is used in long-term power analysis and power quality surveys. The company offers extended warranty programs or care plans on the 1750 model and you can choose the one that meets your requirements in the best way.