Fluke Power Quality Testing Equipment

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Fluke is the leading producer of electrical test equipment. Its products are laced with the most cutting edge technology at relatively affordable prices. Fluke power quality monitoring instruments are the best and are trusted by users all over the world. Monitoring of power quality is very important for the effective utilization of the available resources to cut costs and to make the production process more efficient.

The most basic equipment for monitoring power consists of a computer, an internet connection, a multimeter that can measure amperes, watts, AC power, and power factor etc. along with a facility to store the data to be analyzed. Fluke offers a great selection of power quality tools for preventive maintenance, recording and analysis, and troubleshooting.

For frontline troubleshooting of power quality, Fluke offers clamp meters. Fluke also has a wide range of single and multi-phase analyzers to test the quality of service as well as predictive maintenance of electrical utilities. For the characterization of power quality, performance of load tests and isolation of voltage vents that are hard to find over a given duration of time, Fluke offers a number of power quality loggers. Other power quality instruments from the company include power recorders which can capture exhaustive details of power disturbances and analyze trends and patterns.

Fluke meters stand out from the rest as they are armed with the latest technology and are designed to meet the requirements of the user. The wide applications of Fluke power meters make it an essential power quality tool that all electrical utilities must have. Moreover the range and choices offered by Fluke are fully equipped to suit all budgets and purposes. Fluke meters are multi-functional and very user friendly.

With easy and hassle free setup and operation, Fluke has set a trend for customer-friendly products. No matter what the problem is, you can rest assured that Fluke has the solutions to all your power quality issues. If you are still not sure, you can always rent the instruments of your choice first and buy it when you find it satisfactory. We are authorized suppliers of Fluke power quality instruments and pride ourselves in providing the best and most reliable services when it comes to electrical test equipment rental or retail. You can buy or rent your Fluke devices from us and rest assured about the quality of service. Our professionals will not only provide you assistance, but also expert guidance.