Fluke Power Quality Solutions

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Power quality determines whether a system is able to support the reliable working of its loads. Any power event or disturbance can involve current, frequency, or voltage. Power disturbances can occur in utilities, consumer loads, or consumer power systems.

The importance of monitoring power
Power quality issues need to be addressed to make sure that there is a continuous and uninterrupted flow of power to the devices that help us in our personal and professional lives. Poor power quality causes a lot of physical damage to electrical equipment. It also leads to downtime and lowered productivity. This increases energy costs. Due to all these reasons, it is very important to monitor power.

A power disturbance is measured in terms of duration and magnitude. There can be transient disturbances that last for a few microseconds to full-blown outages that go on for several hours. When there is a power event, it causes damage of equipment.

Power monitoring equipment

Fluke power quality solutions

Fluke provides a wide range of power quality testing tools. These tools can be used for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, long term measurement and analysis.

While other brands offer single function products, Fluke offers a single box solution that combines a power monitor, a power factor meter, and an AC power meter. There are many applications of this device, including hotspot detection, startup analysis, verification of power circuits, and power quality measurement.

This electrical test equipment meets the IEC Class A standard for power quality and flicker. Whether you wish to check for disturbances or measure the power factor, the Fluke power quality meter is a must-have in your toolkit. You can get Fluke testing tools on rent or lease from our electrical test equipment rental store.