Fluke Power Quality Monitoring with Fluke 1750

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When it comes to monitoring power, there are many reasons that companies make the decison to implement programs designed to evaluate power use and quality. Some of those reasons include:

  •        Need to find cause of power problem,
  •        Confirmation of power load ability,
  •        Information gathering to determine power use reduction and
  •        Verification of power quality.

Depending on company goals, there are differing types of equipment suitable for accurate power monitoring. Some monitors give only basic readings such as deviations from a preset norm. Users may be able to tell that a power event has happened, but the equipment does not offer the comprehensive data measurement necessary to fully understand the details.

Full, comprehensive Fluke power quality testers, on the other hand, record and analyze data about current and voltage. No specific event must occur. Instead, models such as the Fluke 1750 adjust to changing conditions and then offer simultaneous results about quality, usage and troubleshooting. All results may be downloaded to PC or laptop for later data analysis using the supplied power analyzer software.

We have the 1750 available through our electrical test equipment rental program designed for short or long term use. Give us a call to learn more about adding this testing equipment to your inventory – 866.352.5550.