Fluke Power Quality Monitoring Devices

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Fluke is a popular name in the electrical test equipment industry and the products of this company are known for their top-notch performance. The test equipment by Fluke is engineered to perform consistently despite adverse working conditions and rough handling. Virtual product demos demonstrate the features and working of various Fluke products. These demos are a great solution for people who want to try out a product or gauge the efficiency of a product before making the actual purchase.

Fluke 1750 is a powerful troubleshooting tool with a voltage measurement range of 1000 Vrms for AC voltage and a voltage crest factor of 3 or less. The current measurement range varies and depends on the current probes that are being used. The current crest factor of the equipment is 3 or less. It is a great product with a 5 star rating and a wireless controller interface.

Fluke power quality online seminars provide hands-on training in order to educate customers on the various aspects of power quality monitoring. It has many authorized service centers across the world where you can get Fluke products serviced or calibrated. User manuals and safety notes are of great help for customers. Fluke provides application notes and complete literature of the all devices manufactured by the company.