Fluke Power Quality Meters: A Wise Investment

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Power quality of a system refers to the extent to which it is able to support the reliable functioning and operation of its load. A power disturbance may involve factors like current, frequency, or voltage. Consumer loads, consumer power systems, and utility are the most probable areas for the origin of power disturbances and power instability. Before understanding the importance of the right power meters, let us analyze what poor power quality can lead to.

Poor power quality effects
Poor power quality results in downtime along with possible physical damage to the system. The downtime leads to decreased productivity and a significant increase in the energy consumption cost. Thus, to avoid all adverse situations, it is important to invest in reliable and robust 
electrical test equipment.

Fluke power quality devices have an extensive and broad range of highly reliable power meters and various other power quality tools that are ideal for industrial utilities and applications. The Fluke power meter range includes both three-phase devices like the Fluke 1750 series, and single phase power quality analyzing instruments. A typical Fluke power meter also serves the function of power monitor which is to keep an eye on disturbances. There are various applications of a Fluke power quality analyzer such as start-up analysis of motors, imbalance detection, power distribution verification, and recording and measurement of parameters of power quality.