Fluke Power Quality Meter

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Power quality testing of critical electrical devices and equipment helps maintain the reliability and efficiency of the electrical system. Though many power quality testers are commercially available in the market, most of them are very complex and difficult to use. The Fluke 1750 is a power quality testing device that offers a simple, easy to understand, and glitch-free testing solution.

This Fluke power quality testing tool has earned the reputation of being one of the leading tools for analyzing and measuring power quality. This electrical test equipment significantly enhances the reliability of the system or facility by providing quick and highly accurate results. The Fluke 1750 is different from other power quality testers because of its innovative and interactive features which make it quick, precise, and user friendly. It can be used with a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) along with the Power Analyze software. These features make the 1750 a simple and efficient device for testing.

It also has an internal rechargeable battery enabling continuous and hassle free performance. The battery also helps in testing equipment kept at a remote location.

Since it may not be used every day, many people prefer renting it and saving the capital expense.