Fluke Power Quality in Pictures

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If you’re familiar with Fluke Power quality instruments such as their well-known Fluke 1750, then you definitely want to check out the Fluke Ti55 Infrared Camera. Featuring visual light fusion, this fine instrument makes high resolution infrared photography a snap! Thermally sensitive detectors are able to capture detailed imagery that makes identifying and reporting faulty components much easier so that repairs can be accomplished more quickly.

So what uses do companies commonly find for this high powered thermal imager?

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance – before failure, this camera detects problems in electrical and mechanical systems.

Utilities and Power Quality – the instrument can analyze electrical test equipment, substations and transmission lines in real time.

Monitoring of Processes – able to verify and ensure safety and efficiency in equipment operation.

Research & Development – aids in the improvement of product design with its ability to detect heat patterns.

Design – enables analysis of circuit boards up close.

Fluke uses sophisticated technology called IR-Fusion, which merges infrared and visible light imagery together so that users may view a full range of images in full infrared all the way to visible light. This process allows clarity and sharpness unparalleled in this product category. The five inch display further allows for exceptional quality that is typically only found in much more expensive equipment.

The articulating lens offers 180 degress of viewpoint so that images may be captured in hard to reach spots even when obstructed by large machines or from high objects. The FlexCam comes with rugged carry case, a battery charger and two rechargable battery packs.


  •        Fusion Technology packed high resolution infrared camera
  •        Visible light imagery merge capabilities
  •        Five inch color LCD display
  •        Store 1000 infrared images with temperature information using the included CompactFlash memory card
  •        Easy targeting with onboard laser pointer
  •        Low noise detection with 320 x 240 resolution
  •        Temperature sensitive to .05 degrees C
  •        Digital Zoom of 2X, 4X and 8X
  •        Includes 1 gigabyte memory card, AC supply & cord, carry case, screen cloth, charger, battery packs (2), FlexCam software with reader & writer, Trendnet card reader & adapter and Fluke Ti55 manual.

Protec is proud to offer this Fluke infrared camera as part of our electrical test equipment rentalprogram.  Contact us today to add this to your inventory, and be sure to check out the following video produced by Fluke about the Ti55.

Fluke Video