Fluke Power Quality for Maintenance of Electrical Devices

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Power quality gauges the effective support extended by a system for the overall reliable operation of all its loads. An event, also known as a power disturbance, mainly involves frequency, current, or voltage. Power disturbances commonly originate in utility, consumer loads, or consumer power systems.

Power disturbances can be typically characterized in terms of duration and magnitude. Broadly speaking, disturbances may range anywhere from transient disturbances lasting a few microseconds to the outages which extend to a few hours. Power disturbances need to be controlled and regulated by regular 
testing, otherwise they may result in the disruption or damage to the equipment.

Poor power quality leads to greater overall losses. Strictly speaking, any disturbances in power quality could eventually hurt your business. Some examples are:

  •        Firstly, each of the disturbance events results in lost production time. Every interruption in production has a bearing on your overall profit margin.
  •        Secondly, interruptions can cause damage to your product. A disturbance could damage partially completed items, potentially causing the material to be scrapped.
  •        And thirdly, it leads to increase in energy consumption. Electricity utilities will look to charge penalties on abnormal peak power demands or a generally poor power factor.

Fluke power quality testing tools offer you an extensive variety of electrical test equipment that can be used for preventive maintenance, long-term recording, troubleshooting and analysis of industrial utilities and applications.