Fluke Power Quality for Accurate Testing

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Power quality maintenance is an important aspect of industry or home maintenance as poor power quality may mean loss in production capabilities, damage to products, and increased energy costs. Fluke power quality controls the power with an extensive range of test tools for prevention, maintenance, long term recording & analysis, and for troubleshooting purposes. Monitoring power quality is essential to avoid power disturbance. It can be defined under the terms of duration and magnitude. It ranges from transient microseconds to outrageous continuous hours, and may also disrupt or damage equipment.  

Fluke provides you with different types of electrical test equipment, such as power monitoring equipment consisting of computers, data storage facilities, and a power meter. The power quality trouble shooter consists of clamp meters, single & three phase quality analyzers, power quality logger, and power quality recorders. It is recommended to use Fluke power meters, as unlike other brands who offer a single functioning product, Fluke offers its power monitor which is an AC power monitor and a power factor meter combined into one. It can be used for analyzing motor start-up, detecting hotspots to place effective wiring, to verify distribution circuits and for measuring and recording the power quality.

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