Fluke Power Quality Analysis for Today’s Testing Needs

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Fluke power quality is evident in every piece of testing equipment the manufacturer creates. Measuring power is vital to ensure that systems are handling electrical loads and able to operate effectively. Any disturbance in power, no matter its source, can lead to outages and eventual equipment failure.

Transients may cause power disturbance on a small scale such as microseconds all the way to long outage that continues for hours. These disturbances have the potential to disrupt business operations causing downtime and loss of income or even worse, create equipment damage that can be costly to repair.

By investing in quality Fluke testing tools, your company will be able to safely monitor issues with power quality and help to prevent loss of performance. Power quality analyzers such as the Fluke 1750 help companies evaluate the quality of power and make sure that there is no interruption caused by faults or system imbalances. In essences, these analyzers allow for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting that can prolong the life of equipment and prevent damage or failure.

For a variety of Fluke analysis and testing tools, Protec offers this high performing testing equipment in our short and long term rental plans. Contact us today to learn more about using our programs to save time and expense on operating and maintaining test equipment for your business.