Fluke Power Instruments Offer Portable Fiber Optic Testing Solutions

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Fiber optic cables have a very high bandwidth capacity which makes them an ideal transmission medium for data. It is important to regularly test fiber optic cable installation regularly because an improperly spliced cable, mismatched fibers and bad connections can cause data to be corrupted.

A single fiber can carry large amounts of data up to several kilometers before a repeater is needed. Cable defects not only cause data corruption but also leak out invisible infrared laser light which can be harmful. To help detect faults in optical fiber installation, you might want to consider investing in an optical power meter and an optical light source. This lets you test the integrity of single mode and multi mode fiber optic cables. A good model of a source and a meter is the FOS 1300 and DSP FOM from 
Fluke power test instruments. The FOS 1300 generates a 1300 nanometer light which is measured by the DSP FOM. Defects can cause the transmitted light to deteriorate or not be transmitted at all.

If you lack fiber optic test equipment, consider getting them from Protec. We sell as well as leasehigh voltage test equipment from major manufacturers. Call us at 866 352 5550 for a quote.