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Fluke Introduces New Flexible Current Probe

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Fluke is on the move again with the development of a new flexible current probe that expands the measurement range of select Fluke meters to 2500 A ac. These new flexible current probes give technicians the best in both measurement flexibility and error-free readings. In terms of flexibility, the large loop size of the new iFlex flexible current probe can reach around awkward-shaped conductors or conductors up to 6 inches in diameter. Yet the small 3/10th inch profile makes it easier to snake between tightly packed cables, improving access in crowded spaces. The ergonomic design of Fluke’s new flexible current probe allows easy operation with one hand.

The iFlex probe connects directly to Fluke power quality meters, displaying current measurements without error-prone scaling factors. The Fluke probe measures ac current as well as working with frequency, inrush and minimum/maximum/average functions. The probe comes in two versions — 10 inches and 18 inches.