Fluke Electronic Testing Devices

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Electrical testing equipment uses electronic responses by capturing and recording them to create electrical signals. These signals become indicators of faults of electric equipment, as well as the means to correct them. So basically, test equipment uses signals to detect and troubleshoot problems.

Various kinds of electrical testing devices exist, ranging from simple to sophisticated; and from inexpensive to expensive. These varieties vary depending upon the device or assembly line being tested.

One of the simplest and most recommended electrical test equipment used to record three phase power quality is Fluke 1750. This product is user friendly and easy to setup with the internet. It is hassle-free as the use of cables is minimal and it surpasses quality standards when compared to RPM recorders.
Fluke power quality analyzers are pioneers in the electrical field, which helps engineers to develop electrical appliances and units such as motors, inverters etc. by using single or three phase voltage, harmonics analyzer, and power calculations. They are easy to use and provide automated, easy to understand reports on various recordings.  These devices use the latest technology and superior quality of materials, which makes them a definite choice in electrical testing field. Fluke also provides technical assistance to ensure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.  Of course, we can always help with any questions that you have too – Call Us at 1-866-352-5550.