Fluke 430 Series: Power Quality Analyzers

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The Fluke 430 series includes three phase power analysis meters that help you find, detect, avoid, and troubleshoot any problem in your power distribution system. These Fluke power quality tools are must for any company that maintains and troubleshoots three phase power systems. It uses the Class A IEC standards meant for power quality and flicker.

There are many applications for the series, and some of them are:

  •        Predictive maintenance: It detects and prevents power quality problems before they can cause any downtime problems.
  •        Frontline troubleshooting: It diagnoses problems quickly and gives output on the screen so that the operation can get back to normal.
  •        Long term analysis: It uncovers difficult to detect intermittent problems.
  •        Compliance with quality of service: It validates the power quality at the service entrance.
  •        Load studies: Before adding loads, the 430 series verifies the capacity of the electrical system.
  •        Energy assessment: It quantifies the energy consumption before and after any improvement to justify energy saving devices.

This series can be considered a complete system for troubleshooting any three phase power parameter, including current, voltage, power, frequency, flicker, and harmonics. It also captures events like dips, interruptions, transients, and voltage changes. Visit our website for different types of Fluke electrical test equipment.