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Fluke 430 Series – Get Rid of Power Quality Problems, Fast!

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With the Fluke 430 series 3-phase power quality analyzers, you can efficiently identify power quality issues faster while being completely safe. These power quality meters assist you in locating, predicting, preventing and troubleshooting issues found in power distribution systems.

These user-friendly 
Fluke power quality devices are a must for anyone who troubleshoots or maintains three phase power. The latest IEC Class A standards set up for power quality and flicker are integrated efficiently into the meters to keep the guess work at bay when it comes to power monitoring.


  •        Predictive safeguarding – Identify and avert power quality problems before the occurrence of downtime
  •        Frontline troubleshooting – Fast diagnosis of issues on-screen to get the operation back online
  •        Energy estimation – Quantify energy utilization before and after upgrading to validate energy saving devices
  •        Quality of service agreement – At service entrance, authenticate the inward power quality
  •        Load studies – Confirm electrical system capability before adding more load
  •        Continuing analysis – Expose unapproachable or irregular issues

Here are some features of the Fluke 430 series:

  •        It is a complete 3 phase testing tool that measures all power quality parameters like energy, power, frequency, current, voltage, flicker, unbalance, and harmonics. It even captures events like swells and dips, interruptions, transients, and fast voltage changes.
  •        The Fluke 435 of this series features a voltage accuracy of 0.1%, which complies with the IEC 61000 4 30 Class A standard.
  •        It is detailed and user configurable, which shows the minimum, maximum, and average readings of 100 parameters on four phases. There is enough memory to record 400 parameters for one month using 1 minute resolution.
  •        The four channels of this electrical test equipment measure current and voltage on three phases
  •        The user can get easier trend analysis using automatic scaling of vertical axis to get the complete display of the waveforms.
  •        The automatic transient display can capture 40 swells, dips, transients, or interruptions.
  •        It is a rugged instrument that can work for over seven hours. Using this device is extremely simple, thanks to its menu driven interface.
  •        It comes with the Power log software to analyze the recorded data. The software also helps in creating reports.

With so many features and advantages, there is a rising demand for the 430 series. If you want to get it on rent, you can contact our electrical test equipment rental services.