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Fluke 1750 – Unbeatable Technology

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Fluke 1750 is a testing device that does not need PC for the setup process. It uses the wireless enabled PDA as a remote, and you can troubleshoot the connections or preview data using that. You can even download data remotely onto the memory card that is inserted in the device. This PDA operates within 15m from the recorder.

Its connections to the network are highly simplified, and you just need to connect voltage probe with a conductor for each phase that needs recording. When you provide current input, the recorder automatically recognizes the type of probe. Then it configures the measurement system for the correct model and probe.

You can even view connection diagrams for your power network configuration using Fluke power quality. These connection diagrams are displayed on the PDA controller. When the connection is established, you can view phasor diagrams and live readings to confirm if the connection is correct. If any phase channel has incorrect wiring, you can change the phase to some other channel by using the PDA to change internal settings. Then you can reconfirm the readings.

It comes with an internal batter pack so that you get continuous supply of power and there is no interruption even if the power cut lasts for 5 minutes. This makes sure that the HV diagnostics are carried out smoothly.