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Fluke 1750 – The Ultimate Power Quality Recorder

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You can investigate power quality events with this comprehensive as well as easy to operate power recorder.  The complete package includes an instrument for recording power, a wireless PDA or Personal Digital Assistant that is used for set up as well as control, and a very sophisticated and user friendly software called Power Analyze.  As the standard equipment, four current probes (each with a 400A) rating are provided. For specific needs, Fluke also offers a huge range of clamp on and flexible current probes.

Fluke 1750 at a glance

For all measurements as well as every parameter you can be sure that you get maximum accuracy with this Fluke power quality recorder. It complies with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A measurement systems and is best suited for very precise results.

The wireless PDA can be used to configure the device quickly and reliably. The front panel display allows you to keep track of what is being recorded at all times.

You can set up your system initially without any thresholds and later on apply them when data has been collected with the help of Power Analyze software.

It has current triggering as well as cross channel capture that ensures that all measurements on each and every channel are duly captured every time.

This Fluke power quality instrument not only records data, but helps you analyze it and eventually generate reports too.

You can simply plug the device in and it’ll be ready for use as it has single lead connections for voltage and current probes that are configured to automatically identify the best setting.

Your task has become even simpler as you can simply swap channels with the help of PDA or your PC if the connections are not right. No hassles of manually reconnecting wires. You can measure all parameters, voltages, and currents on three different phases along with neutral and ground. Also, you can capture even extremely short lived events with this device’s 8000 Vpk and 500 MHz waveform capture.

It comes with an SD memory card that can be used to retrieve data quickly or you can alternatively use an Ethernet connection.

Benefits of Fluke 1750

  1.      The set-up process is extremely easy and does not even require a PC. You can perform all the operations which generally require a PC such as configuring the recorder, previewing data, troubleshooting connections or downloading the data that has been recorded with the help of the PDA included in this recorder.  The data that has been downloaded goes directly onto the SD card.
  2.      The test leads can be easily connected to the network. All you need to do is connect a probe for voltage to a conductor on the phases that need to be recorded. The recorder is able to automatically identify the kind of probe connected on current inputs. The device then goes on to set the measurement system in accordance with the current probe being used by you.
  3.      Connection diagrams are provided on the PDA controller for all network configurations that are supported by the recorder. After making the connections, you can also get a phasor diagram and live readings on the wireless PDA so that you can check your connections.
  4.      It comes with an internal Ni MH battery that can be recharged and helps in providing continuous power for uninterrupted tests.
  5.      The recorder can automatically capture disturbances and set thresholds with its intuitive software.

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