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Fluke 1750: The Three Phase Recorder

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Now you can record quality of your three phase power and monitor it for disturbances- thanks for the all new Fluke 1750, which comes with innovative Power Analyze software that is extremely easy to setup. It is a power meter that automatically records all power quality events and parameters- and it does so on each cycle, continuously.


  •        The 1750 is an excellent device for long term analysis. If you need to find out some hidden faults, or monitor critical units, you can use the 1750 to capture Fluke power quality events that can correlate with malfunction, which makes faults easier to detect.
  •        Power quality surveys are used to quantify the quality of power using the right metrics, which makes it easier to document results for the creation of professional reports.
  •        Validate the quality of incoming power right at the service entrance. It also helps you create benchmarks before installation to make sure the quality of service is always high.

What exactly is power disturbance?
Power disturbance can be defined using its duration and magnitude. Disturbances in power range from transients which generally last for a few microseconds. Larger outages may continue for hours. When power disturbance starts to fall out of operating limits, equipment gets damaged. If it happens over a long period, the entire system might become ruined.

Costs of bad power quality
Poor power quality may not just cause physical damage to the device, but may also result in a lot of downtime, which lowers productivity and results in higher energy costs. For every single time the production is interrupted, you lose some profit on products that are not manufactured. Apart from that, interruptions can also damage some products completely or partially, which causes the material to be scrapped. Also, electrical utilities might charge penalties on bad power quality or higher peak demands. This is why you need a good testing device.

Features of 1750

  •        Standards: All the measurements of 1750 comply with IEC61000-4-30 for precise evaluation of various measured values like current, voltage, harmonics, power, and flicker etc.
  •        Reliable and easy setup: With ARCHOS 43 tablet, you will get a window that will show you what the device is recording, allowing for a reliable and easy configuration, even at the most difficult testing locations.
  •        Threshold free setup: It applies thresholds once the data is recorded using the Power Analyze software. You don’t have to worry about any missed information that might happen because of incorrect setup process.
  •        Insightful PC software: Power Analyze software lets you generate easy reports with automatic EN50160 compliance and reporting.
  •        Easy reporting: Reporting has never been easier than this. With the auto reporting feature, you can create customized or standard reports with no hassles.
  •        Plug and play: You can setup the device in a few minutes with the help of automatically identifying current probes along with single lead voltage connections.
  •        Go wireless: You can internally swap channels using PC or wireless PDA if the connections are not correct.
  •        Measure each parameter: Current and voltage can be measured in three phases, ground, and neutral.
  •        8000 Vpk, 5MHz waveform capture: Now you can get a detailed picture of all events- yes, even the shortest ones
  •        Retrieve data quickly: It comes with SD memory card which can be used to retrieve data. Also, you can retrieve data using high speed 100 base T Ethernet cable. SD card starts downloading data automatically as soon as it is connected.

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