Fluke 1750 – The Power Recorder

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With the latest Fluke 1750 power recorder, you can now record three-phased power quality and can also keep a check on power quality disturbances. This electrical test equipment comes equipped with power analyzer software. Fluke power quality meters are capable of automatically recording each power quality event and parameter, on every single cycle.

With this exclusive measurement device (threshold-free), you will never skip capturing a disturbance. Now you can take note of every single event, on each cycle and capture every measurement, at all times with this latest Fluke unit. Unprecedented resolution and accuracy provide absolute visibility into the distribution system. Power current probes and scales are automatically detected by this recorder, without the need for any battery.

Connections running on single-lead voltage are required for this device, which enables fast and safe setups.

On application of power, this unit starts recording automatically and with the help of LEDs, you get the assurance that recording device is all powered up and the signals lie within the range. You would be free from any uncertainty related to data recording.

This device boasts of a specially designed capture algorithm that makes sure all events are noted without the need for monotonous setups and blind spots related to such threshold driven tools.